Available for Home Owner and/or Tenant

Our Home & Contents Insurance is a protection against loss or damage against your home and/or its contents caused by fire, lightning, explosion, impact of falling aircraft and smoke, which we call FLEXAS for short. You can also have the protection extended to cover for riot, flood (where applicable), earthquake, and expenses for sweeping of debris, with additional premium.

Choose the protection that suits your needs:

* Home Content insurance to protect the contents of your home, which may include your furniture and other personal belongings;
* Home Building insurance to protect your home building that you own, in which you live in or even if you rent it out; or,
* You can buy both, Home Building and its contents.

Protect your assets in a simple and affordable way:

* NO SURVEY required at time of purchase for sum insured maximum IDR 1 billion;
* Flexible payment by monthly with credit card.
* Get your claims verdict within 7 working days.